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The GDPR enthusiast

Hi, my name is Rie Aleksandra Walle and I'm the founder and manager of Bedre Bedrift AS - the company behind "GDPR start". 

I've helped solopreneurs, startups, online businesses, schools and brick-and-mortar businesses - in both the private and the public sector - with 1 to 550+ employees, deal with "everything GDPR", from basic templates to full blown, complex DPIAs.

I have a genuine interest in the GDPR. Not as a law text per se, but because of a burning passion for privacy and our right to own and control our own data.

My enthusiasm around GDPR is contagious (so consider yourself warned! 😉), which is also one of the things my clients truly appreciate when working with me.

My first encounter with the GDPR was when working in the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment in Norway. Since then, I've spent around a thousand hours studying and working with the GDPR. 

I know I can help you too.

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