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Hi, my name is Rie Aleksandra and I'm the founder of a privacy and data protection consulting firm delivering services in Norway and globally.

I'm the Privacy Officer for Fathom Analytics and Data Protection Officer for Postmark and Banzai. With a burning passion for privacy and our right to a private life, I've spent over a thousand hours studying and working in this field and I'm a Certified Information Privacy Professional - Europe (CIPP/E). Check out my full CV on LinkedIn and feedback from some of my awesome clients.

If you're looking for a business-oriented privacy guide in the increasingly global and complex regulatory landscape, get in touch.

For the past years I've helped SaaS and tech startups, university colleges and brick-and-mortar businesses, with 1 to 550+ employees, public and private, deal with "everything GDPR", from basic templates to full-scale DPIAs for complex digitalisation projects.

Before starting my own business, I've worked in Norway, the Nordics and the Middle East, in organizations such as Ernst & Young, Nordic Innovation, a public digitalization directorate and a university college, with responsibilies such as general manager, senior innovation advisor, project leader for projects in digitalization, innovation and introducing new software in large organisations. My full CV, credentials and references are available on LinkedIn.

I have a genuine interest in the GDPR. Not as a law text per se, but because of a burning passion for privacy and our right to own and control our own data.

My enthusiasm around privacy and data protection is contagious (so consider yourself warned! 😉), which is also one of the things my clients truly appreciate when working with me.


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