The challenge isn't finding the perfect system (it doesn't exist), but finding one that fits your needs good enough, and truly learning that system. Prioritize tools that score high on security and privacy. Below you can see tools I use myself and recommend.

About the use of affiliate links

Here you will find my best recommendations for systems that work, have good security and quality (although one can never be 100% protected), that I have tested and use myself. All links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. If you click on such a link and then buy something within a given period, Bedre Bedrift AS (my company) receives commission from the sale.

PS: You can often reveal such links by looking at the characters following the regular URL. Here, for example, is my affiliate link for Kajabi:, while the regular one is

PPS: Anyone sharing such links is obliged to inform you about this. Unfortunately, many people hide it, and one can only wonder why. 🀨 A professional and serious company clearly informs about such links.

Systems I can't do without

Some tools are more important than others. These are crucial for me to be able to run an efficient, profitable and professional business on my own, that I'm proud of:


Kajabi truly accelerated my company of one journey and has been crucial for building a professional, efficient and profitable business quickly. Use my affiliate link to get a 28 days trial (regular is 14).


It took me a while to get the hang of ClickUp, but once you know how to use the tool, it's like an explosion in efficiency, structure and focus.

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Kajabi + Ivory Mix + Canva = stand our as a professional. Free stock photos is fine for a while, but I recommend using paid ones for a more professional website. At Ivory Mix you'll find everything you'll ever need.

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Without Kajabi and Canva, my website would still have looked like I did it myself in WordPress... 🀦‍♀️ With Canva even I manage to create a great looking website, blog and course portal (if I can say so myself!).

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Do you also get annoyed at all the time wasted, trying to find the calendar slot that works for all...? With Calendly, you avoid all admin around leads and customer meetings.

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Zapier is crucial to the automation in my business. Here I link Kajabi sales with setting up meetings in Calendly, tasks in ClickUp, creating folders in OneDrive and much more. Zapier saves me lots of time.

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GDPR compliant website βœ…

You need at least a privacy policy, cookie notice and often also a cookie consent management tool. Simple, privacy-focused website analytics helps too! (PS: Make sure your privacy notice is 100% compliant - get one from me. πŸ˜‰)

Fathom Analytics

Even with IP anonymization, Google Analytics can be problematic for privacy reasons. After much research I chose Fathom, and love the way they have built both the solution and their company.

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If you use cookies and tracking technology like Facebook pixel, you must ensure you obtain (and can prove) proper consent. Use this link to get a 10% discount on your plan (not an affiliate link, just extra service 😊).

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Cookie Information

A similar tool to Cookiebot. If you're unsure of what you need or prefer, give them both a try.

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Systems I'm simply required to have

Other tools you simply need to be able to operate legally and professionally. Here are some of them:


Bookkeeping is for me what GDPR is for you, which is why I get gray hair no matter what accounting system I use. This is a Norwegian system, though, so you might have to check other options.


If you use Stripe (e.g. with Kajabi), the receipts are not valid for most European companies. Quaderno solves this with valid receipts that include specified VAT and business details.

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Digital/electronic signing

Sign documents with legally binding e-signatures to save lots of unnecessary admin and printing. I use a Norwegian solution for this.

Security and privacy πŸ”

Good security goes hand in hand with privacy and is something you need to take seriously to to protect yourself and your business.


I cannot stress how important it is to use strong enough passwords. And to restrict access to your social accounts! Lastpass helps you create great passwords, and you don't even have to remember them!

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With VPN you're better equipped to prevent aggressive tracking online (but not completely ...). This allows you to hide your IP address and much more.

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Sales and marketing πŸ’°

In addition to everything you can do in the power house Kajabi, I use these for sales and marketing:


I used Zoom before, but they've had too many serious security and privacy issues. Demio is a good alternative with useful marketing features within the webinar itself.

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If you've received a personal video greeting from me, perhaps you too think Bonjoro is a cool tool. Here you can send greetings to leads, customers and other contacts. Fun!

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Amy Porterfield

List-Builder's Society is the course that finally got me started with list-building.

Sign up with my affiliate link* and get a complimentary 20 min. call with me personally, with concrete tips on how to get started.

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Useful for operations

You cannot use private/personal accounts in a business context (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, OneDrive, etc.). β›” That's breaching the Terms of Service of the vendors (Microsoft, Google, etc.) and you won't get a data processing agreement either - which is a GDPR violation (if you process personal data).

G Suite

Everything you need to run a business; email (Gmail), calendar (Calendar), cloud storage (Drive), video conferencing (Meet), and more. (Considering switching to other systems for privacy reasons.)

G Suite


Due to Googles corporate structure and cross-platform tracking, I tend to recommend Microsoft. But, I do love how easy it is to use Google's products (but also the power of the Office applications). I use both anyway due to 3-level back-ups.

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Microsoft's version of Evernote, without all the security issues... You need to know it well enough for it to pay off, though. But when you do, it's dynamite! (I have everything related to Kajabi in OneNote, like tags, sequences etc.)

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I log all my time. Call me crazy, but it helps me stay focused and shows how I can improve efficiency. Sometimes it is required by law, e.g. when delivering projects by hourly rates (depending on your country).

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I only purchase domains from Domeneshop. Their customer service is great. Full score from me based on the many inquiries I've had for them over the last couple of years.

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Both visual/creative and analytical people will love Whimsical. 🀩 I use it to draw up processes I'm going to systematize and automate in my business, as well as sales funnels.

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