GDPR, (e)Privacy & Data Protection for SaaS

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and it feels impossible to keep up with it all...

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The "DPA" and "SCCs" βš–οΈ

More and more customers are requesting your "DPA" (data processing agreement) and/or "SCCs" (standard contractual clauses) and you have no idea what they're talking about... Then you realize the magnitude of these *legal* documents.

The "GDPR" πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

You make an honest attempt at reading up on this "General Data Protection Regulation" to see what all the fuzz is about. Only to realize that it's a massive law from the European Union and you're left wondering what the heck it all has to do with your lil SaaS company. 🀷🏻‍♀️

Hefty GDPR fines πŸ’Έ

Then you also realize that the many articles about hefty fines aren't just scaremongering. Companies actually get fined, outside of the EU - and not only the Googles of the world. You read about Schrems II and start thinking about geoblocking next...

Fleeing customers

Worse, EU-based customers of companies from outside of the EU get fined for using their services, leading them to switching to "safer" EU-based vendors... This doesn't bode well for your retention goals.

Overwhelm is a fact

The initial yawn at EU policy-makers first turned into a slight worry and by now you're close to panic mode. How are you going to get through 78 pages (not counting Recitals) of mind-numbing legalese, let alone understand it all. It's easy to get help, right?

Hefty lawyer fees πŸ€‘

So you set out to get some help. (No way you have time to wrap your head around all the requirements - you're already bootstrapping!) Only to discover that GDPR services are big business. No lack of offers to help! It just costs 30% of your ARR...

You just want to build and run your small business

You just want to run an honest business, pay your taxes, follow laws and regulations. You respect people's privacy. You don't rely on privacy-invasive business models and shady growth hacking strategies. You just want to do the right thing. So does it really have to be that hard to deal with the GDPR..?

No. And I can help you with that.

Get your documents under control

You don't have to write all the text yourself for your agreements, privacy notices, efforts on Schrems II etc. Get easy to use templates with step-by-step video instructions on how to tailor them to your business (sorry, generic doesn't work anymore!).

JIT knowledge

You don't need to read the legal text yourself, at least not all 78 pages - and spend 6 months learning about the GDPR. I know where you should start, what you should spend the most time and - and when. I call this Just-in-Time knowledge. πŸ€“

An investment you can live with

Privacy and compliance is important, but it cannot cost so much that you can't afford running your business. With my services, you can afford basic compliance from day 1 and increase the budget as your business grows.

GDPR knowledge base

Don't believe everything your read in random blog posts or in Facebook groups, and avoid costly misunderstandings. Base your GDPR work solely on credible sources (like we do).

What's it like, working with NoTies Consulting? πŸ€”

"Rie Aleksandra has the perfect blend of having competence on a very difficult subject and being able to explain the subject matter clearly in a way we understood. We’d hire Rie again, as we know she’s the leader in GDPR compliance for online businesses."

Paul Jarvis
Cofounder of Fathom Analytics

"Rie is extremely knowledgeable about the requirements of privacy law, to a level beyond many attorneys and "GDPR experts". She has a genuine passion for the field, outstanding project management abilities and is able to package GDPR into a digestible matter. I give Rie my highest recommendation."

Christian Werner Skovly
Advokatfirmaet FΓΈyen Torkildsen

"Rie "gets" the GDPR and understands the practical challenges startups face while growing their business in the EEA. It is easy to get lost in the documentation and forget the spirit of GDPR. Rie ensures that is not lost."

Zoheb Jamal
VP Growth at Padlet

"When we connected with Rie, it was a big sigh of relief. Rie is well versed in the legal language of all parts of GDPR and came with an action plan from day 1. The expertise mixed with the ability to execute makes working with Rie an absolute no-brainer."

David Abrams
CEO of Demio

50% there!

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